About us

Dalian Tucheng International Co., Ltd.

Dalian Tucheng International Co.,Limited was established in 1996 which focuses on electric products, marketing, services and logistics. It is an important manufacturer and export trader with several decades of experience in designing, researching, manufacturing, testing and logistics.

TCI, located in Dalian, with the largest port in North-East of China, has strong capacity of technological research and development. More than 70% of TCI’s staff has bachelor degrees or higher. Many senior engineers and technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of high voltage, macromolecule research and machine manufacturing. We also have a well-established skilled workforce. We have a long-time close relationship with the China Electric Power Research Institute, CESI, all supporting our technological research and development.

We implement the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control and the ISO14001:2015 environmental management systems. TCI’s experience in this competitive market has formulated a well regulated management style for product sales, quality and services. TCI’s products have been exported to 100 countries in the world. Our high quality products and services have helped us to obtain overseas market share and good reputation.

We not only manufacture insulator products, but also are capable of providing our clients solutions to rational designs, including complete porcelain insulators, electric metal fittings, cables, etc. TCI has the complete management and technology teams, modern office facilities and business management software guaranteeing our clients secure operation solutions and sustainable business models.TCI's success is based on unified management, effective teamwork and efficiency of business.

Today, TCI has attracted more and more attention for its fast and continuing Development. TCI is destined to be a leader in the international electric industry.

Dalian Tucheng International Co., Ltd.