Composite Line Post Insulator



 Product Description 

 Composite Line post insulators are the ideal solution

 for compact line applications in urban areas. They are

 also ideal for upgrading the capacity of existing lines

 with a narrow right of way – by increasing the voltage

 or the number of circuits. Composite line post insulator

 has good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-

 pollution, high mechanical strength and can be installed



 Product Properties

 Good electrical specification, strong mechanical strength


 Mechanical load: 6-22KN

 Creepage distance: 245-7595mm

 Standard: IEC61952


 Production Process

 Warming up under high temperature

 Assembly of end fittings with reinforced fiber glass rod

 Brush coupling agent on the rod 

 Compression molding or injection molding of vulcanization

 Crimping of fittings to the rod

 Surface trimming


 High voltage transmission line and distribution line

 Use in industry-specific solutions

 Device and plant construction, 

 e.g. switchgear, for busbars and disconnect switches

 Platform support for capacitor banks

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