Composite Suspension Insulator



 Product Description

 Suspension composite insulator has features of light weight, small

 volume, unbreakable, anti-bend, high strength, high strength wrest

 resistant and strong explosion protection. Due to these versatile

 possibilities, our suspension composite insulator can be used for

 badly polluted areas, high mechanical tension load, long span and  

 compact power line.



 Product Properties


 Mechanical load:40-530kN

 Creepage distance: 270-340000mm

 Max. Dia. Insulator part D: 40-200mm

 Standard: IEC61109, IEC61952 



 Production Process

 Warming up under high temperature

 Assembly of end fittings with reinforced fiber glass rod

 Brush coupling agent on the rod

 Compression molding or injection molding of vulcanization

 Crimping of fittings to the rod

 Surface trimming


 Overhead transmission line or distribution

 Tension tower to assembly tension string to tensile conductor

 Suspension tower to assenbly suspension string to suspend conductor


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