Hollow ceramic support insulator is used as high-voltage insulating and sealing through which the discharge electrode suspension rod entering the electric field in an ESP, and in small size ESP it also functions as supporting of the discharge electrode system. By its configuration, it is classified into three types: cylindrical insulator, conical insulator and special-shaped insulator.

The hollow ceramic support insulator is glazed white or brown on surfaces inside and outside with both ends ground.

The ceramic support insulator conforms to the Chinese standards of GB/T772-2005 ‘Technical specifications for high-voltage insulator’ and JB/T 5909-2010 ‘The ceramic insulator used in precipitator’, and the IEC series standard is also followed.

With different materials the ceramic support insulator can be used under the temperature ≤250 or ≤350 with the operating voltage ranging from 72kV to 120kV and a mechanical compressive failing load not less than 500kN.

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