Porcelain Pin insulator



  Porcelain pin insulators as one type of earliest

  developed overhead line insulators is popularly used

  in transmission line or distribution line up to 33kV

  system. And porcelain pin insulators is fitted on

  wooden cross-arm or steel cross-arm to support the



  We can manufacture insulators in accordance with 

  the standards of GB, IEC60383, ANSI, BS, AS, CAN

  as well as customers’ special requirements.



 Class 55-1, 55-2, 55-3, 55-4, 55-5, 55-6, 

 55-7,56-1, 56-2, 56-3, 56-4, 56-5, P-11-Y, 

  P-15-Y, P-22-Y, P-33-Y.



  Power distribution line and transmission.

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