Porcelain Station Post Insulators





Voltage level: 10-1100 kV

Maximum Height: 12000 mm

Pollution level up to 38mm/ kV



Production method

Wet method 10kv-220kv

Isostatic method 330kv-1200kv

In accordance with standard C130:

high-strength alumina porcelain

In accordance with standard C130 HS:

extra-high strength

Glaze colors: Brown or Gray


 Manufactured & Test

 in accordance with the standards

 IEC 60273

 IEC 60168

 IEC 60672

 ANSI C29.9



  Use in industry-specific solutions

  Device and plant construction, e.g.switchgear,

  for busbars and disconnect switches

  Platform support for capacitor banks


   Porcelain Station Post Insulators with RTV

   • Hydrophobicity: resistance, loss, recovery and transfer

   • Resistance to tracking and erosion

   • Resistance to weathering & UV

   • Resistance to chemical & physical degradation by water

   • Volume resistivity

   • Resistance to corona & ozone

   • Application onto glass or porcelain surfaces, especially

       when done in the field

   • Adhesion to glass or porcelain surfaces (i.e. short-term

       during handling & installation as well long-term as

       prevention of water film development).

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